Company Name KJC Communications
Date of Establishment March 6th 2003
Type of Business Edison Sales –
Manufacturer, Distributor and wholesaler of baby products KJC Tour –
Tour & Entertainment agency
Categories All kinds of baby goods such as baby gear,
nursing & feeding products,
Business Volume $ 50million (2017)
Address KJC Communications (Head office)
Y.B.Bldg 5F 1-10-4 Kitashinagawa , Shinagawa-Ku,
Tokyo, (140-0001) Japan


KJC Communications is a manufacturer,wholesaler and distributor of baby supplies.

We always do our best to support parenting by developing and sourcing innovative,educational,safe and appealing products.

Main Business Partners

EDISONmama products are in over 98% of retail stores carring baby supply products in Japan. Our business partners are not only in baby supply retailers such as Toys“R”Us, Akachanhonpo and Nishimatsuya. (over1,000stores in total) but also in various types of retailers such as Department stores, Drugstores,Electronic retailers,Convenience stores, GMS and Malls.